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Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. Happy reading Halloween is Coming Bookeveryone. At some point in every life, people dream of adventure finding them and forcing them into the world—just like the Old Buccaneer comes to Jim Hawkins, setting the boy on a path to what else? Adventurer Allan Quatermain agrees to search for a man who went missing while seeking the titular mines in exchange for a share of any treasure found, and encounters hidden kingdoms and terrible dangers—the latter being more or less a requirement of the genre.

No one combines religious and philosophical concepts with a tense spy story like Kipling did.

The Call of the Wild , by Jack London Buck is a dog, kidnapped from his home and forced into slavery as a sled dog. Hiding behind a mask, Blakeney becomes the Scarlet Pimpernel, using his fighting skills and quick wit to rescue his fellow nobles—with style. Tarzan, orphaned in the jungle of Africa and literally raised by Apes, rises to become king of the beasts while learning about his English heritage—a story brimming with blood, violence, and the thrilling idea that a hidden world awaits.

While Sabatini certainly took the story further than reality, much of the bones of the novel actually happened to various people, giving it an air of verisimilitude. As Don Diego de la Vega, the character feigns disinterest in swordplay, romance, or adventure, but this is all in service of protecting his secret identity. This sort of dual life has become a staple of many adventure stories, of course, but few have been done with such style and panache. Conan the Conqueror , by Robert E. Howard The only novel-length Conan story Howard published, this was originally titled The Hour of the Dragon and begins with a middle-aged Conan defeated on the battlefield and imprisoned in a dungeon filled with monstrous threats.

His defeat secured via dark magic, Conan must seek unlikely allies and fight and fight, and fight his way back to his people in order to reclaim his throne. As the story progresses, Christianity asserts itself, supplanting the traditional pagan religions of the Vikings, coloring and influencing everything that happens. If you like the TV show Vikings and wish there was more Viking-related entertainment, this book is for you.

The Cruel Sea , by Nicholas Monsarrat Set during World War II, Monsarrat manages somehow to capture a thoroughly realistic view of the monotony and boredom of military service while spinning an exciting story of inexperienced sailors serving in the North Atlantic over the seven years of the war. The bond between the men and the tension of war on the sea offer plenty of nail-biting and emotional beats in this classic novel that remains the gold standard for stories of modern-day naval exploits.

Lieutenant Hornblower , by C. Beginning with Hornblower as a freshly-minted officer and ending with an aged Baron Hornblower appointed Admiral of the Fleet, each novel details classic adventures where Hornblower must think on his feet, risk his life, and always protect the men under his command. A team of ultra-competent, experienced soldiers must come together and find a way to destroy the guns so the rescue can be attempted.

This no-nonsense plot is based on actual events, and established a template for the team of experts working together in grim determination, with plenty of danger, violence, and surprise betrayals for any fan of adventure stories. The Coney Island Warriors are a street gang who find themselves stranded in enemy territory one night after a chaotic meeting of New York Gangs.

Yurick brilliantly offers the idea of unfamiliar neighborhoods as alien planets the gang must fight their way through. A lost city in the jungle of Africa, a legendary diamond mine, and a heretofore unknown breed of gorilla resulting from ancient experiments all come together to challenge a team seeking to claim a fortune that has already killed a lot of people. Sahara , by Clive Cussler Cussler is probably the king of the modern adventure novel, and Sahara remains his best effort.

This book, the original compilation and rewriting of the existing stories, will remind you that at their heart these are adventure stories—there are kingdoms to be carved out of the ground with your swords, there are dangers in the shadows, and there is a Holy Grail out there to be claimed.


Never Ending Voyage

The Sheltering Sky , by Paul Bowles An adventure novel or a dark tale of psychological breakdown and ennui? A drifting New York couple flee the modern world and head into the desert of Northern Africa, along with a friend. It is thought to be the first novel ever written - it was produced just after AD. And the author was a woman - an aristocrat who, unusually for the time, was raised and educated by her father. The narrator is a cat who finds a home in the house of Mr Sneeze - a schoolteacher.

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In between bouts of sleep, the narrator observes his master and his friends as they struggle with daily life in the middle class society of s Japan. Soseki originally submitted the first chapter to the literary journal Hototogisu as a short story but was persuaded to write further instalments. There are 11 in total. Each one stands alone, although the characters and themes carry throughout.

In the early s, many Japanese authors wrote about the tension between western ideas and Japanese traditions. This followed the re-opening of Japan to the west in the s and a period of rapid industrialisation. Kaname is a thoroughly westernised man - he visits prostitutes and encourages his wife to have an affair.

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Yet despite being trapped in a loveless marriage, he is unable to ask for a divorce. Then, under the influence of his father-in-law, Kaname finds himself increasingly drawn to the older traditions of Japan threatened by progress. Even though it is set in the s, this novel is likely to resonate with contemporary Japanese society. Japanese literature was heavily influenced by the country's defeat in the second world war, with many authors addressing social and political issues in their work.

Oe grew up in wartime Japan.

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  • For his first novel, produced when he was just 23, he wrote about a group of boys evacuated to a remote village in the closing days of the war. This novel - frequently compared with William Golding's Lord of the Flies - began a literary career that earned Oe the Nobel prize in Japan's economic recovery after the second world war was miraculous. Singular Rebellion, which is set in the s, provides a comic insight into that period.

    When Eisuke Mabuchi, a recent widower and employee of a small Tokyo electrics firm, falls in love with Yukari, a model 20 years his junior, he looks forward to a casual affair.

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    But at the insistence of her father the pair marry and Yukari moves in with Mabuchi. This sparks a comic chain of events. Mabuchi's maid quits and his home descends into chaos. Meanwhile, the bride's grandmother just out of jail for murder moves in and granddaughter's behaviour grows increasingly erratic.