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It holds an average score of 7. The site's critical consensus reads "Five seasons in, Silicon Valley finds a new way to up the ante with tighter, less predictable plots, while still maintaining its clever brand of comedic commentary. In his review for The Atlantic , David Sims praised the satirical nature of the show, writing that the show's "creators have long prided themselves on staying ahead of tech trends via thorough research, and this new season seems more on point than ever". Still, other critics felt Miller's absence, and noticed the repetitiveness of the series.

Chuck Barney, writing for the San Jose Mercury News , noted "Miller and his contributions as the dimwitted, weed-smoking tech investor Erlich Bachman are undeniably missed". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Season of television series. See also: List of Silicon Valley episodes. TV by the Numbers. Retrieved March 27, Showbuzz Daily. Retrieved April 3, Retrieved April 10, Retrieved April 17, Retrieved April 24, Retrieved May 1, Retrieved May 8, Retrieved May 15, Retrieved March 30, Retrieved May 25, Retrieved February 22, Rotten Tomatoes.

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Retrieved March 29, The Atlantic. Retrieved March 31, Financial Times. Miller's absence is felt". The Mercury News.

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Silicon Valley TV series. Season 1 " Minimum Viable Product " 2 3 4 5 6. Episodes Characters.

Hidden categories: Articles with short description Use mdy dates from March Official website not in Wikidata. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Promotional poster. List of Silicon Valley episodes. Dinesh and Gilfoyle procrastinate on new hires, and Belson hires all 63 distributed-systems developers in the valley. The developers and a milestone award make Belson feel ancient, though his Box2 is poised to become a huge money-maker. Jared suggests acquiring failing startup Optimoji to raid its staff but its CEO, Kira, insists they retain all 30 staff.

Richard almost manages to get her to concede on this, but Duncan, CEO of pizza-ordering app Sliceline, encounters them and reveals Belson's plot, alerting Kira to the fact that Richard is desperate, giving her more leverage. Pied Piper decide to hire all of Optimoji's staff, but Duncan has already acquired them for Sliceline, infuriating Richard. Trusting Monica's judgement, Laurie approves of this though it is way over Pied Piper's payroll budget.

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Also, Jian-Yang claims that Erlich is dead and tries to gain control of his assets. Richard has trouble leading Pied Piper's new team of coders, who he is unable to address without panicking and embarrassing himself. Divided into Sliceline and Optimoji camps, he tries to cater to each side which results in chaos. He invites them to leave if they can't be inspired by the work they're doing, and they walk out. Richard then takes on the coding himself, completing 4 days of scheduled work in a hour coding session.

The programmers return to watch him and come to respect him as a coder. They are starting to pick the winners of the next generation and also bring their management expertise to that next generation. This is critical to understanding the regeneration of Silicon Valley, its ability to shift from technology to technology. But it also helps understand a blind spot—the narrowness of vision in terms of what are the goals of a company, what makes a good tech entrepreneur, what should a founder look like. These blind spots have become a great liability for the Valley in recent years. Whereas the Valley is quite unique in that it leapfrogs from technology to technology.

These different generations of tech may seem separate from one another, but they build on one another. You have the microchip, which gets the microprocessor, and the computer chip, which then makes the personal computer possible. Those core competencies are really at the core of all of these successive generations of technology.

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You point out that the Valley evolved alongside popular culture more generally, from the clean-cut military types of the s to the hippies and counterculture types of the s and s. The next generation is counterculture, with a caveat. They want to affect social change, with computers being the tool. This intense techno-optimism links all of the generations together. They share this belief that technology will be a means by which we make the world a better place.

Seattle has generated some of the biggest and most important tech firms—Microsoft and Amazon, not to mention Boeing. Where does it fit as a high-tech center? Seattle has always been more of a big-company town than the Valley, in terms of the succession of an economy dominated and defined by a single industry or company: Boeing, then Microsoft, and now Amazon. The engineering capacity of Boeing continues to be a big factor in the economy. Seattle is also home to large outposts of every large technology company and to lot of smaller and midsize startups. Roughly a quarter of those startups were founded by Microsoft alums.

But there have long been interconnections between the Valley and Seattle. Amazon also got a good chunk of its early money from Silicon Valley. Jeff Bezos in turn personally put an early stake in Google. What does this say about Silicon Valley? My first book [ Cities of Knowledge , published by Princeton University Press in ] was all about high tech in the suburbs.

In the s, part of the attraction for the engineers was buying a nice ranch house in Palo Alto and Menlo Park. Companies that need to recruit and retain the best talent; it is an advantage if you have a cool space in a cool neighborhood in a cool city. Back then, you had to rent out space in an office park and fill it with cubicles and a server room. There was all this upfront capital cost. You could never get commercial real estate of scale in a place like New York City. Now, you can get your computing power and store your data in the cloud.

Your startup can be a high-powered laptop and a coffee shop in Brooklyn and you can grow into a WeWork space. Now you can afford to be in a cool neighborhood in New York or San Francisco, or Seattle, because your footprint is smaller. Geography is never static. This may all change when up-and-coming tech hubs deflate from these really high-priced housing markets. And there will be a bust someday: This is a roller coaster of an industry. For most of my life, techno-optimism dominated.

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When I started work on this book five years ago, everyone, from Silicon Valley to D. And now the mood has shifted so dramatically. The reality is somewhere in the middle. And so too in these cities.

Are people going to stop wanting to live in San Francisco or Seattle? How do you find some balance? How do you preserve that?

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  • Down and out in Silicon Valley.
  • How do you keep the texture and keep the things that make cities so great? San Francisco and Seattle have chronic conditions that have worsened.

    The Origin Story of Silicon Valley—and Why We Shouldn't Try to Recreate It

    They already had big transportation problems. They had serious housing affordability problems. And now this rapid-fire growth of tech has made all those problems worse. The answer is to find some way to work together and to move forward.