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Vinyl decals adhere best to hard, smooth, glossy surfaces. Surfaces such as glass, painted vehicles, most metals, plastic sheets, fiberglass etc. Textured surfaces do not accept vinyl very well and decals should never be applied over latex paint. No matter which type of surface will be used, it is VERY important that the surface be clean and free of defects such as rust and blistered paint! Clean the surface thoroughly with a good quality cleaner. Especially windshields! Make sure ALL wax, oil, grease, finger prints etc.

If the temperature of the decal or the surface that it will be applied to is much below 60 degrees it's not a good idea to apply it. The cooler temperature causes the adhesive on the decal to crystalize somewhat and reduces it's adhesive ability. The ideal temperature would be room temperature, about 72 degrees. If the decal is cold the cooler temperature does not ruin the decal. Just let it warm up and it will be ready to apply.

To elimnate any large air bubbles take a pin and poke a hole through the vinyl at the outer edge of the bubble.

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Use your finger or a squeegee to force the air out of the bubble through the pin hole. DO NOT use a knife to make this hole. A knife will make a small cut instead of a round hole and this can cause the vinyl to tear and lift off the surface in the future. If there are several very small air bubbles it would be best to just leave them alone for a couple of weeks. Small bubbles will actually disappear on their own over time. Usually after about two weeks in the sun, a little longer during cooler weather.

RG Graphix- Frequently Asked Questions.

The warming day and cooling night of the decal will cause the vinyl to normalize with the surface and the bubbles will usually disappear. If any bubbles remain after a couple of weeks you can always take a pin to them. Because of the very low tack qualities of vinyl paint mask you should NOT use the wet application method.

The fluid would cause the low tack adhesive to become a NO tack adhesive. Please view our Shipping Information page for complete shipping and order processing information.


Here at RG Graphix we use top quality, automotive grade vinyl for all of our decals and graphics. Printed graphics are also laminated for extra protection. Assuming the decal was applied properly to a well cleaned and solid surface you can expect a decal life of years on a vehicle that is left out in the weather. On a vehicle that's kept in a garage a decal life of well over 5 years is not uncommon. Of course decal life also depends on where the decal is on the vehicle, windshield decals for example tend to take a lot of abuse and may not last as long.

A little common sense and proper care will go a long way in extending the life of your decal. As long as the surface the decal is applied to is painted with a quality paint our vinyl decals will not ruin it. The only thing you might notice once the decal is removed after several years is the paint around the decal may have faded a bit compared to the paint underneath the decal. A decal can be removed fairly easily by applying a little heat and peeling it off. Usually the heat from a hair dryer is enough.

If it's an older decal it may come off in very small pieces. The removed decal will also leave some adhesive behind that can be removed easily with a commercial adhesive remover sold at most automotive parts stores. As long as the decal is removed carefully the process shouldn't damage the painted finish.

Yes, clear coating the decals is possible and will significantly extend their life span. The main thing to watch is that you don't apply the first coat of clear too heavy. A very light coat should be applied and allowed to tack over to seal the edges. Once the first coat has tacked you can apply the remaining coats slightly heavier than the first. The story is all about my determination to succeed against all odds. Let us begin. Not being someone who likes writing about himself, anyway here goes.

I live in England and spend most of my days working as a marketing consultant for theme parks. I hope that includes me? I started writing stories for younger children about 10 years ago and have progressed into teen fiction, where I think my talent is probably better suited. I enjoy working for a living and being around other people not just to get inspiration for new ideas, but also to pay the bills as the writing is not a big bread winner, just yet.

To be honest I find that being creative can be a curse sometimes, as your mind is often full of new story ideas. For example I am working on the outline for a new Zombie book. Like there aren't enough Zombie books already, but my idea is different so please watch this space. Please get in touch via email if you have any questions - david teencops. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Kids' Books.

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