A Bleeding Brain A True Story

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One Woman's True Story About Her Stroke - Stroke Symptoms and Prevention

In Richardson's case, the major artery on the left side of her brain spontaneously developed a tear in the wall that resulted in blood clot formation which obstructed the internal carotid artery that impacted Richardson's areas of strength, sensation and speech. A perfusion MRI study was conducted and determined the area of the impaired blood flow, figure 2 shows the left middle cerebral artery territory, the white area is where the blockage occur; here, the connecting vessels of the right to the left side at the base of the brain only allowed some flow into the first portion of the left middle cerebral artery fig.

Richardson was given rTPA intravenously to help the body break down the blood clot. A small catheter from the femoral artery was simultaneously placed in the groin up through the blocked internal carotid artery and into and beyond the blood clot on the left middle cerebral artery were more rTPA was infused and was successful in reopening the majority of the middle cerebral artery fig. A second perfusion MRI was completed after treatment and showed normalization of flow to the effected area fig.

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She returned to work and recovered remarkably. She had her first shunt placed and a month later had her first revision. Brain surgery is scary stuff. A new baby is scary stuff. Together they are absolutely petrifying.

Brain Hemorrhage (Brain Bleeding)

It was there my fears went from bad to worse. I had a very typical pregnancy with Blythe. She is my third child an not unlike her brothers.

Blythe Raye was born at 40 weeks on October 24, weighing 7 pound 11 ounces. Thankfully her post surgery journey has been uneventful.

16x9 - Against the Odds: Brain aneurysm survival

We are determined to continue to raise awareness for Hydrocephalus and help those impacted as much as possible. A year later, we are revision free, she is doing wonderful and she is meeting her milestones. People often ask us how we do it- how do we cope with all the surgeries? For us it is really very simple…you just do what you have to do.

I am so blessed to have such a diagnosis- it makes me appreciate the good days, and makes me realize how valuable and precious health truly is. Our Hydrocephalus Stories. Abby, 22 In sharing my story, I hope to empower and inspire you to smile through your trials, whether they be with Hydrocephalus or any other challenges that you may face.

Cayden, 11 months Besides the Chiari 2 malformation, there was no sign of hydrocephalus. Gabrielle, 25 My Hydrocephalus has played a role in shaping me into the person I am today and has changed my outlook on life. Vincent, 12 As Vincent recovered we scoured the internet looking for anything on Hydrocephalus.

Luna, 18 months Luna was born 7 weeks early and delivery went pretty well, and after 17 hours our baby girl was finally here! Through extensive in-patient and out-patient rehabilitation that included occupational therapy, speech therapy, visits with both a psychologist and psychiatrist, she makes a profound recovery, despite the post-seizure regression she experienced following the experimental transcranial magnetic stimulation TMS treatments.

Lotje began recording video-selfies just a few days after the stroke, while still in the hospital.

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Large parts of the film consist of material filmed by herself on her iPhone. This together with various sequences showing the world from her point-of-view at that time, including for example visual misperceptions hallucinations , produce a rather personal storytelling style. The film was initiated by its protagonist herself. According to her, making a film about her struggles was the first linear thought she had after the stroke. Funding for editing and post-production was collected via Kickstarter between November 28 and December 20, Netflix started streaming the film as a Netflix Original worldwide on March 18, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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