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Lastly, I had to prioritize them. Because often I have to decide on which of two or more areas will I focus on today in a limited amount of time. Or perhaps a decision that I must make has two two choices and each one honors a different core value. I discovered my 11 personal core values such as learning, family, integrity, community primarily give-back , health, financial freedom, spiritual, achievement, and 3 others. This process took about three years. How did I use them? I have two primary apps that I use to help me focus and achieve: Things task manager and Evernote.

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The only categories that I have in both apps are my 11 core values. So ever task or document gets filed under one if the core values.

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Therefore, it is easy to say no to any activity the falls outside those 11 core values. Also, that means I am looking at these values everyday and throughout the day. Although the values listed above seem simple, I might define integrity different than you would.

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  • Therefore, I have written three-sentence definitions for each of the 11 values. I review those regularly.

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    I also have put the 11 core values in a priority sequence based upon how important they are to me. There are times when a decision needs to be made which may have two more choices. Each might honor a different value. In other words, values come into conflict. I will then make the decision based upon the core value that I have already decided is more important to me i.

    I have developed several tests which tell me whether or not one of commonly known values are one of my core values. This has prevented me from climbing the ladder of success and finding it is placed against the wrong wall.

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    No need to be like a dog in a meat factory, jumping at every attractive piece of meat. Thus greatly limits the possibility that I will chase every bright new idea, a real time waster. Nisab — I teach four minute sessions. I only do this once every two years or so. It is a free class at a northern Califirnia university. From a list of about values, pick those that resonate with you. Try to cull down that list to values. Continue to re-apply the tests for this smaller group. Write sentence definitions of what each core value means to you. For example: Integrity I am honest, accountable, reliable.

    I conduct my affairs such that I am truthful I can be depended upon I am a man of my word I am worthy of trust. Prioritize your core values using how important each is to you. For example, family may rank higher than community or financial freedom. For me, that means within my two key tools: Things task manager and Evernite file manager.

    Covey said that if a person makes decions based upon and lives his life according to his core values, he has a creditable claim to happiness or a fulfilled life. There is no way that I can adequately describe the difference that this has made in my life.

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    Would love it if you could provide transcripts of the podcasts. For me, and maybe some others too, reading a transcript is quicker. Thanks a lot. Excellent perspective. Hence, it explains why certain people fly private charter. Thank you Tim. I grounds me for some reason. Thanks for all that you do. Your guidance has helped me tremendously in becoming a better human being.

    Love the info on delegation and procrastination. Thanks again for the insight. I had to go back and redo everything. I like how you mentioned that you try to get baseline competent at whatever you plan to hire out for. That way you know what a task is worth, value-wise, you know if it will need to be tweaked and you know if it is even sustainable.

    Formula is as follows: Research what are other people doing Hypothesis will this give me the results I want?

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    Test what factors contribute to doing it, pros and cons, ups and downs? Evaluate did it work? Also, the bit about switching tasks is very important! Correspondence is human to human interaction, emails, chatting with customers, calling friends, etc. Shipping is getting the work out. Big projects are picked on a weekly basis with a deadline at midnight on Sunday.

    Pun and Funny English

    I do not switch projects mid week. I do not go over my time limit for correspondence 1 hour I do not fail to ship. Like Liked by 2 people. To further reinforce your point that time is a variable resource — this 20 minute podcast was a far greater value to me than many 2 hour ones. Sometimes awesome things come in small packages.

    She was of course talking about how over the long run, over the long run, replacing cheap shoes over and over again meant that the life cycle cost of durable shoes much better. But she also walked or waited for the bus to and from work, and worked on her feet all day and I could see how the short term savings on a pair of ill fitting shoes could cost her in fatigue or even client service. Much like your anecdote about not wanting to pay for business class. Thanks Tim for helping me make the connection. This edition of the show reminded me that conserving some of the time, energy and headspace is more valuable than the monetary cost of delegating that labour.

    I think one of the best expenses to improve the quality of life is traveling.

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    • I believe traveling really connects you with the world an opens your eyes to different cultures. Find a way to make travel happen in your life. I accepted a travel invitation to spend 6 weeks in Central America with a friend of a friend. I lasted four weeks, after tiring of the infantile behavior and expectation of the person I had agreed to travel with. I assumed we were both responsible adults at 55 years old.

      She turned out to be a child in need of a mommy. I bolted. Great stuff as always Tim. I know, I know, a ton more work and hassle, but I dunno, maybe charge for them as an option. I would be willing to pay to have the transcripts in front of me, and certainly pay nicely if they were annotated or underlined with what you thought were the salient points of the chat or excerpts that you really liked. Many thanks for your free thinking podcast with little gems, as always i found it most interesting. Delegation to recognised experts not only reduces your culpability in law, it makes you look sane to outside eyes.

      This was a fantastic and enjoyable episode, Tim, thank you!

      noroi-jusatsu.info/wp-content/2020-04-30/4347-espionner-numero-telephone.php If you ever release a 4-Hour Work Week 2. My box of goodies arrived from Four Sigmatic today. Pretty excited to explore all blends. Thanks Tim x. This is a fantastically actionable episode. I paused it midstream and made my dream list.