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Bourgoin left home the night of the crash, got onto Interstate 89 going south and then turned around, approaching 90 miles kilometers per hour north in the southbound lane, police said. He collided with the car that carried the teenagers in Williston.

After the initial crash, Bourgoin allegedly stole a Williston police cruiser and again headed south on the interstate before turning around and crashing again into vehicles at the original crash scene. They say her comments in those cases cast doubts about the credibility of some mental health experts. All rights reserved.

The police said they began receiving calls around p. In the end, a teenager driving the wrong way down Interstate 95 and two elderly people in the car she crashed into, were dead, the police said.

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The wrong-way driver, in a blue Mercedes-Benz, was identified as Abigayl J. Lanphear, of Westerly, R.

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The passenger in her car, Jada Laboy, also of Westerly, R. The two young women were both about to turn 18 this month, officials said.

That fits the life of Tim Love. Katie Johnston reports.

  • All northbound lanes of LBJ Freeway to be shut down for several hours, police say.
  • Awakening.
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